YETI Project Newsletter Issue 3 - June 2022New

Welcome to YETI!

The European Union (EU), through its ‘Higher Education Agenda’, has identified Entrepreneurship Education as a top priority for the years to come (EC 2017; 2019). Entrepreneurial competencies, such as curiosity, creativity and many more, are believed to be ‘decisive for lifelong learning’ and for the survival of our prosperous economy (EC 2017)…

News from the project

Impact of the project on partner organisations

Two years have passed since this consortium started the YETI journey. Much work has been put into the development of different outputs and our efforts continue to drive the progress of this project. At this point in time, we would like to let you know about the impact that the project has had in our organisations so far and our expectations for the future.

Yet(i) another change in the educational system in teacher training in Hungary

The Hungarian education system is now famous for its recent and ever-changing rules and regulations of teaching training and teacher education. The latest change in the system came at the end of last year (2021) and will enter into force almost immediately. The changes are valid starting from September 2022…

Bantani: The importance of YETI project

Bantani Education is a Non-Profit Organisation based in Belgium, with a dedicated team working on the common goal to inspire and create accessible, high-quality entrepreneurial learning opportunities

External Articles

Does a person from a smaller town have fewer opportunities to develop entrepreneurship skills?

Entrepreneurship skills are undeniably important for contemporary society, especially for teachers who shape new generations and have a great influence on their prospective career and quality of life. Although each year new entrepreneurship-related initiatives can be spotted in Poland, still not all teachers, teacher educators or students are lucky enough to participate in workshops or courses aiming at developing entrepreneurship-related skills. At a first glance one could think that such trainings are only for…


Katja Visser’s travels led her to be exposed to different educational settings around the world. However, one particular experience convinced Katja that something needed to change in terms of what children learn at school. While volunteering in Peru, Katja saw the state of the education that many young, less privileged children were receiving…