YETI Project Newsletter Issue 2 - October 2021

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The European Union (EU), through its ‘Higher Education Agenda’, has identified Entrepreneurship Education as a top priority for the years to come (EC 2017; 2019). Entrepreneurial competencies, such as curiosity, creativity and many more, are believed to be ‘decisive for lifelong learning’ and for the survival of our prosperous economy (EC 2017)…

News from the project

Impact of the project on partner organisations

This article gathers thoughts from all partners on the impact that the YETI project has had so far on their organisations.

IO2 Progress Update

The conceptual understanding of entrepreneurship education (EE) among Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students is scientifically a blind spot. Therefore, the YETI consortium cannot rely on existing findings that shed light on what aspiring teachers generally understand of entrepreneurship education. However, this knowledge is of vital importance for establishing suitable materials that raise awareness for a wider EE understanding (as within EntreComp) and, ultimately, for preparing ITE to bring entrepreneurial (inter-)actions to the classroom.

Special topics on Entrepreneurship Education

Teacher induction and its faces

Teachers are identified as the most important factor influencing the quality of education in schools (European Commission Staff Working Document SEC, 2010), affecting students’ academic progress and their social and behavioural well-being and therefore there has been a growing emphasis across many countries on attracting and retaining…

Entrepreneurship Education Initiative – The Europass Academy

The Europass Teacher Academy is the largest provider of Erasmus+ KA1 Teacher Training courses in Europe. The Academy currently has a number of permanent locations across Europe, including Cluj-Napoca, Berlin, Tenerife and Florence, and roughly 50 collaborators and over 25 courses starting each month. More than 20 000 teachers, administrators and…

Entrepreneurship Education Initiative – EIPTE

Entrepreneurship in Initial Primary Teacher Education (EIPTE), is a strategic partnership between eight European institutions: six higher education institutions, one science centre and a foundation. The project is funded as part of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and carried out in co-operation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The overall objective of EIPTE…

Our partner’s view

How does the EU promote entrepreneurship education?

It has long been argued by the European Commission that promoting Entrepreneurship Education will impact the growth of the European economy, enabling young pupils to be more creative and curious. The claim is rooted in the belief that “promoting entrepreneurship in education as a key competence encourages EU citizens to be enterprising and to…