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City of Ostrava Ostrava is the capitol city of  the Moravian-Silesian region is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. It has got a very advantageous position – it is located about 10 kilometres south of the Polish border and 50 kilometres west of the Slovak border. The city lies in the valley between The Beskydy Mountains and The Jeseníky Mountains, known as The Moravian Gate. A significant part of its territory is covered with forests, parks and other green. Ostrava became an industrial capital in 19th century and its wealth grew due to many coalmines and ironworks. Although the last miner came up to the surface in 1994, the city is not ashamed of its coalmining history and uses it to its advantage by revitalising old mining structures. Today, Ostrava is an industrial metropolis, as well as a centre for education, culture and sports. It is becoming increasingly popular with visitors who come to admire its industrial past. The most popular site is Dolní oblast Vítkovice, where those interested can experience the former harsh realities of the old mine and ironworks.

Ostrava is also an important economic centre.  During the last ten years there have been discovered a lot of new jobs in non-traditional sectors, which are for example the automotive industry, IT technology or outsourcing services. Ostrava offers a variety of cultural and social activities. The local theatre is one of the best scenes in the country, The Gallery of Fine Arts and The Gallery of Plato are respected institutions with a refined design, exhibitions and music clubs hosting both known and budding musicians and bands of different genres. Adding a number of festivals, prestigious sporting events and tourist attractions, it is clear that there is no boredom in Ostrava.

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava


Since 1849 VSB – Technical University of Ostrava has been among leading higher education institutions in Central Europe. Today, the University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programmes to around 12,000 students in engineering, IT, technology, economics and business-related branches. Study programmes are provided by seven faculties:

  • Faculty of Mining and Geology,
  • Faculty of Materials Science and Technology,
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,
  • Faculty of Economics,
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering,
  • Faculty of Safety Engineering.

and research  institutes and centres:

  • ENET Center – Energy Units for Utilization of Non-traditional Energy Sources
  • Nanotechnology Center
  • Institute of Environmental Technologies
  • IT4Innovations – National Supercomputing Center
  • Energy Research Center
  • Center for Advanced and Innovative Technologies

Studies at VSB-TUO place emphasis on practical training and investigating real problems of today’s state-of-the-art industry using the latest software and instruments. In many study branches, 50% of the coursework is practically oriented, perfectly complementing the advanced theoretical instruction, ensuring that graduates have gained education and experience sought by employers the world over. The largest central campus in the Czech Republic is connected by wi-fi, 5G network and home to well-equipped, affordable student dorms, cafés, beach volleyball and tennis courts, football pitches, pubs, clubs and all the little spaces you need to study and relax. Go for a walk in a natural forest or sip a cappuccino with a friend. All without leaving the campus area. More than 300 international students spend their exchange programme at our institution every semester. A broad offer of courses for exchange students, a room at dormitories, entrance to library or discount lunchtime menu at university canteen are guaranteed.

Faculty of Economics 

Every year almost 3000 students decide to study and gain bachelor, master and doctoral degree at Faculty of Economics. Thanks to long-term international cooperation, a significant percentage of foreign students from all over the world are represented at the faculty, creating a favourable and inspiring international study environment.

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