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Fostering the development of entrepreneurial mindset among aspiring teachers

The YETI Project

The Erasmus+ funded project YETI (Young Entrepreneurial Teachers Initiative) aims to promote and institutionalise entrepreneurship education (EE) practices among aspiring teachers in initial teacher education (ITE) programmes.

YETI Objectives

Empirically assess the terminological and conceptual understanding of EE among ITE students

Raise awareness for the educational benefits of EE among ITE students

Showcase actual entrepreneurial learning interventions to inspire other European ITE stakeholders.

Get ITE students acquainted with entrepreneurial intervention methods, profile their entrepreneurial competence portfolio and enable them to integrate elements of EE into their practical teaching

Help teacher candidates to translate gained EE knowledge from rather simulative university contexts into actual classroom environments at an early stage of their teaching career

Enhance the level of entrepreneurial learning interventions at the school level through embracing a new generation of well proficient entrepreneurial teachers.

YETI Outputs

Teacher Pathway Report

Conceptual Screening Report

Personal Entrepreneurial Canvas Model

School Transfer Strategy Handbook

Entrepreneurial Education Hub

Intervention Showcase Collection

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